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Ellingham Primary School

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Team Building skills and challenges

Now that the SATs are over we can work more on our team skills. 

Last week the challenge of creating the tallest standing tower using only newspaper and tape was accepted by all pupils. Everyone had a go and there was a definite winner: Old Lady Chop Chop Challengers. They had the idea of tightly rolling the newspaper so that it was strong enough to hold. Just have a look - 


We also held a competition on creating a bridge with the following materials: paper, tape and card but the real test was that a budget of £100 was given per group. Not only did the bridge have to allow a toy car cross it as it hung between a 20cm gap between two tables, it also had to hold weights. 

After testing out whether the bridges could allow the toy car to cross (7/8 bridges succeeded), we test each bridge with the weights. The winning team was Peppa Pig Team's bridge holding more than 7kg. Fantastic 5's bridge was a close second with 6kg.


Well done to all the teams. You all worked brilliantly!