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PGL Liddington

Liddington Day 4...

Day 4

Day 4 started very quietly and very slowly...

This morning, we had to wake the children for the 7am alarm call, as they were fast asleep. They had to literally drag themselves to breakfast. However, once fuelled, they were ready for the morning activities which were Crate Challenge and Archery. Archery speaks for itself, whereas Crate Challenge involved the children working in pairs and threes. In their teams, they had to build a tower of crates and stand on them. The highest towers were 11 crates high which ended up being about 2.5m tall. Once again, everyone got stuck into each activity despite the warm sun. Following another huge lunch, it was time to chill out on the field before the afternoon's activities. Football, gymnastics, sitting and chatting, as well as exploring the woods filled the time.

So to the afternoon activities, which were Mountain Biking and Vertical Challenge. After an initial lesson on how to check the bike, it was on to the skills test. This involved basic riding, braking, changing the gears and the glorious slow bicycle race. The group played King of the Ring on the netball court, which meant staying inside the boundary, keeping their feet on the pedals and riding in close proximity to each other. Some of the less confident riders stayed behind for extra practice whilst the others went off riding the trail. Interestingly, even though the course was relatively flat, many of the children said how tired they were or how hard the bike riding was. More bike riding please parents!

Vertical Challenge was a challenge of various climbing skills. The wall was about 15m tall and split into four sections. The rope ladder led into the tyre wall, which led into the climbing wall section, which ended with the rope rigging section. Again, at the bottom, children were manning the climbing equipment to keep their friends safe. An earlier than usual dinner meant that the children had lots of time to prepare themselves for the disco.

The disco was held in the indoor sports hall and was everything that you would expect a school disco to have. Girls looking amazing and boys running around. A new addition to the disco was the dance off. Essentially, the only child in the whole room who had some serious skills was being shepherded around by his crew offering dance offs. As you can imagine, this caused much excitement. Surprisingly, the Ellingham children were worn out quite quickly and all wanted to leave early. This was a sign of the effort they had expended this week. So it was back to our rooms for packing and an early night. ‚Äč