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Welcome to Year 6 2016-2017

Please read the inrotduction to Year 6 from Mr Caswell

Welcome to Year 6. As you already know, Mr Caswell is the class teacher and Mrs Davies is the teaching and learning assistant.  On Monday afternoons, the class will be led by Mr Collins for outdoor PE and Mrs Pakes for music. On Tuesday afternoon, Mrs Cook will be teaching a selection of topic subjects. Every morning, from break until lunch, Mr Light will be taking a group for reading followed by a group for maths.

Class rules and expectations are simple. We follow the four rules of Ellingham which are displayed in every classroom and should be known. In addition, I expect each child to be accountable for their own learning, their behaviour and their choices. I expect hard work, lots of mistakes and failure. Mistakes and failure are an integral part of the learning process and help to build attributes such as resilience, adaptability and growth-mindset. Learning from our mistakes will enable us grow as learners and people.

Something I have been practising to make a habit over the past two years is solution-based language. The word don’t is banned in class. Instead of telling someone what I don’t want them to do, I try to tell them what I want or expect them to do. It is a very hard habit to build but possible, and one that I continue to practise every day. As we are a partnership, I hope that you can join me in using solution-based language at home.

I do have an open door policy but the best times to catch me for a quick chat are straight after school, any day except Monday. If you want to spend longer having a conversation, just speak to me after school to make an appointment at a mutually convenient time.

Homework expectations in Year 6 are slightly different to the rest of the school. I am aware of the need to prepare the children for their jump to secondary next year. So with this in mind, there will still be the half termly homework grid to be completed in the learning journals. However, this is optional and aimed to enrich the learning done in the class over the half term. Homework diaries are being introduced into Year 6 and we will endeavour to use them daily. Daily reading at home is an expectation. In addition, there will be a daily maths and/or English challenge based on the learning from the lesson, which must be completed and handed in the next day. If an extended piece of English needs to be re-written after the editing process, this will be expected to be done over the weekend.

The only slight adjustment to the school day compared to last year is, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, the children will come into school and and go straight into the computing suite. In there, we will be working on mathletics and spellodrome, catching up with readers as well as discussing homework on a one to one basis.

As you know, our first trip is to PGL Liddington on Monday. Our second trip follows quickly with a visit to the amazing Royal Observatory in Greenwich on Monday 26th September.

Our class assembly date is provisionally Friday 14th July at 9.30am.

P.E days are Monday afternoon (outdoor) and Thursday (indoor).  I ask that you are aware of the weather for the Monday session and your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.

If there is anything covered in this blog post you would like to talk to me about, please do.