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Science Week

Grey-Thompson class has been so excited this week. Each year group has based their Science on a movie. We chose Monsters Inc! We came into school today in our science themed outfits and continued our carousel of science experiments and activities. We made mini monsters with plasticine, investigated slimy gloop made from cornflour and water, constructed monsters using pipe cleaners and magnets and labelled monster body parts too.

Our teachers had transformed for the day into Dr Frewin and Dr Batley, they were in charge of making sure we were careful when carrying out our experiments.

At Dr Batley’s table we were investigating what happens when you use milk, food colouring and washing up liquid. This experiment can be a little tricky to understand, but it all involves a property of water called surface tension.

At Dr Frewin’s table we made growing monsters, using vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and food colouring. We were taught that Vinegar (an acid) and bicarbonate of soda (an alkali) react together to neutralise each other. This reaction releases carbon dioxide, a gas which is the bubbles you see; these bubbles make the washing up liquid bubble up to give the reaction shown above. There were a lot of gasps and shocked faces when this happened!