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Internet Safety Day

Today was safer internet day and in Year 1 we learnt all about the internet and how we can stay safe when using it. We began discussing what the internet is, why we use it and how it can help us. We spoke about the websites which we use when we are online, these included: YouTube and BBC iPlayer kids.

As a class we then discussed why it is important to stay safe when using the internet. We spoke to our talk partners about ways in which we can stay safe online and then we created a mind map with Miss Batley. We decided that some of the best ways to keep safe online were to:

  • Not speak to strangers
  • Use the internet with an adult
  • Do not share any personal information, including: your address, name, age or where you go to school
  • Only use websites for children, such as : YouTube kids and Cbbeebies

We then used our class mind map to create internet safety posters with our partners, including pictures and writing of how to stay safe online. This afternoon had taught us ways which we can keep safe online, when using the internet on computers or tablets in school or at home.