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The Jolly Postman Mystery! 

We came across quite a mystery to solve in Year 1 this week! 

This week in English we have been reading ‘The Jolly Postman’ By Janet & Allan Ahlberg. We investigated an ‘accident’ by the school office and discovered that it was the Jolly Postman!

We found all of these things so talked about who they could belong to, to help us figure out who it was. 

We also found a letter from the postman which had directions. We have been learning about what directions are and what is included in them such as bossy verbs, time adverbials and the place names. 

We practiced finding these properties of directions in the Jolly Postman’s letter and from reading them, we followed the directions and it led us to the post office box by the main entrance. We thought about why the Jolly Postman might have had his accident and discussed this as a class.

This week we are going to write our own directions and practice using bossy verbs and time adverbials in our writing to lead somewhere exciting!